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Head's a pretty unique producer. He has a very varied list of credits across all musical styles but always the Artist's integrity comes first. Best known for his long-standing working relationship with P J Harvey.


2010  Katharina Nuttall  - tbcAlbum  
produce and mix tbc    

2010  Smoke Fairies  - through Low Light and TreesAlbum, extra tracks, singles  
produce and Mix V2    

2010  led Bib  - Bring Your OwnAlbum  
Record and Mix tbc    

2010  Tommy Tokyo and Starving for my Gravy  - Go Time Show Time and Absolute warAlbum, extra tracks, singles  
Produce and Mix Warners    

2009  Black Francis  - Non Stop ErotikAlbum  
Record and Mix Roadrunner    

2009  Willis  - Uncle TreacleAlbum  
Mix self    

2009  Dot Allison  - tbc  
Album Mix tbc    

2008  Joe Gideon and The Shark  - Harum ScarumAlbum  
Record and Mix Bronzerat    

2008  Katarina Knetchtova  - zodiakAlbum  
Produce and Mix Universal Prague  No 1 in CR  

2008  Bookhouse Boys  - The Bookhouse BoysAlbum  
Mix Black    

2007  Jump Ship  - What is This and WhyAlbum  
produce and mix Naim    

2007  The Pyramids  - The PyramidsAlbum  
produce and mix in a hurry! Domino    

2007  The Maybes?  - PromiseAlbum  
produce and mix  Xtra Mile    

Jan 07  The Lodge  - trackstracks  
Mix unsigned    

2006  Sivert Hoyem  - ExilesAlbum  
Co-Produce and mix EMI Scandinavia  No 1 in Norway  

2006  Massive Attack  - Live with Me + 2 other tracksSingle and CD tracks  
Mix Virgin  single and album both top 20  

2005  Venus  - forthcomingAlbum  
produce and mix unknown    

2005  Jackson Analogue  - And Then... NothingAlbum  
additional production and mix Island    

2005  Buck 65  - Secret House Against the WorldAlbum  
Mix Warner Canada    

2004/5  Duels  - "Animal", "Potential Futures"Singles  
produce and Mix tba    

2004  P J Harvey  - Uh Huh Her tour/Live album / DVDalbum/DVD  
engineering and mixing Island  UK top 50  

2004  She Said  - The Birth of She SaidAlbum  
Produce and Mix 5-15    

2004  Madrugada  - Grit/Adult CommittmentAlbum/Single  
Production/Co-Production and Mixing  Virgin  single and album top 10 in Norway  

2004  P J Harvey  - Uh Huh HerAlbum  
Engineering and Mixing Island  UK top 50  

2003  Marianne Faithfull  - Before the PoisonAlbum  
Co-Production Engineering and Mixing Naive    

2002  Marlene Kunz  - Senza PesoAlbum  
production and Mixing Virgin Italy    

2003  The Yards  - The Devil is Alive and Well..EP  
Production and Mixing Industrial Erotica    

2002  Kitty Wu  - The Rules of TransportationAlbum  
Engineer and Mix Mercury    

2002  Dominique A  - Le RetourAlbum  
Mixing Virgin France    

2003  Rob Ellis  - Music for the Home 2Album  
Enginner and Mix Leaf    

2002  Kathryn Williams  - Old Low LightAlbum  
Production and Mixing East-west  UK top 75  

2000  P J Harvey  - Stories from the City, Stories from the SeaAlbum  
Engineer  Island  Uk top 20 - Mercury Award Winner  

1999  Kathryn Williams  - Dog Leap StairsAlbum Tracks  
Produce and Mix Caw    

2000  Kathryn Williams  - Little Black NumbersAlbum  
Mix CAW    

1999  Therapy?  - Suicide Pact - You FirstAlbum  
Produce and Mix  Ark 21    

1998  P J Harvey  - Is This DesireAlbum  
co-production  Island    

2000  Giant Sand  - The Rock Opera Years Vol 2Album  
Engineer and Mix Artistrunmess    

1999  Snuff  - Numb NutsAlbum  
Produce and Mix Phat    

1999  Queen Adreena  - TracksTracks  
Produce and Mix Blanco Y Negro    

2001  Billie Mahonie  - What Becomes BeforeAlbum  
Produce and Mix Too Pure    

1996  P J Harvey/John Parrish  - Dance Hall at Louise PointAlbum  
Engineer and Mix Island    

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