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Jim Spencer

Jim Spencer

Jim Spencer is based in Manchester and has worked with many of that City's greats. A sympathetic and experienced engineer/producer he is now taking on more mixing work.


2011  The Rivalry  - various3 tracks  
produce and mix tbc    

2011  Birdpen  - varioustracks  
produce and mix self    

2011  Maria Jordan  - varioustracks  
produce and mix tbc    

2010  The Reads  - Stories from the BorderAlbum  
Produce and Mix Reads    

2009  The Cribs  - LiveCD bonus  
Live Recording and Mix Wichita    

2007  Whiskycats  - WhiskycatsAlbum  
Produce and Mix Medical    

2007  Paddingtons  - trackstracks  
co-produce and mix  Mercury    

2009  Delphic  - variousdemos  
produce and mix Delphic    

2007  Snowfight in the City Centre  - 6 SecondsSingle and CD tracks  
co-produce Something in Construction    

2006  Charlatans  - tbaLive album  
Mix Sanctuary    

2006  Snowfight in the City Centre  - ListenSingle  
Co-Produce, Mix High Voltage    

2006  Various  - Manchester vs CancerFund Raisng Album  
Mix tba    

2004  New Order  - Waiting For the Siren's CallAlbum  
Engineering and Mixing Warner  UK top 10  

2004  Karmacops  - Forthcomingsingle  
co-production, engineering and mixing     

2003  The Charlatans  - Up at the LakeAlbum  
co-production, engineering and mixing Universal  UK top 50  

2003  Unisex  - Pigs and Their Farms, Go AgainEPs  
production and mixing Shifty disco    

2002  Johnny Marr and the Healers  - BoomslangAlbum  
engineering and mixing Artist Direct    

2001  Haven  - Between the SensesAlbum  
engineering and mixing Virgin    

2001  The Charlatans  - WonderlandAlbum  
Co-production, engineering and mixing Universal  UK top 50  

2000  The Charlatans  - Us and Us OnlyAlbum  
Engineering and Mixing Universal    

1999  Electronic  - Twisted TendernessAlbum  
Engineering and Mixing London    

1997  Robert Wyatt  - ShleepTracks  
Engineering Thirsty Ear    

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