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Steve Bush

Steve Bush


Steve is a London based songwriter and producer. He originally broke into the fulltime producer scene in London as one half of the award winning production team Bird & Bush.

Steve inherited a keen interest in music through an obsession with playing his father's drumkit whilst still a sub-teenager in his native New Zealand. Guitar lessons came soon after and bigger things finally called when he moved to London with his first serious band at age 21. Within 18 months he'd had his first experience of a real recording studio and decided that this was to be his future.

Quote - "I figured I could grow old more gracefully/disgracefully on that side of the glass".

After 8 years of buildup and learning the ropes, a chance meeting found Steve and his production partner innocently recording the first serious demos for Welsh newcomers ?Stereophonics?. Things went from strength to strength for 4 years and 3 albums, with the band clocking up over 4 million record sales. Tom Jones appeared at one stage in the proceedings and the band along with the crack production team of Bird & Bush recorded "Mama Told Me Not To Come" for TJ's ?Reload? album.

Quote - "I always liked the quote attributed to Richard Branson. The harder I work, the luckier I seem to get?.

In between all of this, Steve spent a brief period of time handling various programming duties for Peter Gabriel.

Quote - "The thing with PG is, you mostly never really know if what you're doing will make the final version of the track, or even which song it is you worked on! But he's given me a couple of nice album credits, so I can't complain".

Belgian group 'K's Choice', British troopers 'Ocean Colour Scene', the debut album for youngsters 'Athlete' and other projects came through the door at this point. After an exhausting 5 years, it was high time for a rest from the hard working, gigging producer role and around this period a mutual friend introduced Steve to Ronnie Wood. Steve had just set up his own studio and immediately set about mixing Ronnie's 2001 solo album "Not For Beginners".

Quote - "Watching the semi-organised chaos that surrounds Ronnie 24/7, is the kind of whirlwind experience where you really only want to be a fly on the wall to observe and not have to participate first hand. Doh! Too late. Unavoidable madness ensues".

Steve then made a conscious decision to concentrate on his first love, which is writing and track composition. That was when he met another unknown artist trying to find a break for herself, Corinne Bailey Rae. Steve contributed by writing and producing a track on her debut album.

Quote - "It's always a 1 in 20 game with unknown artists. You just have to give 110% to every project you get involved with, because it's hard to know which one is gonna fly and which one isn't".

Steve now devotes some of his time to writing Production Music for television.

Quote - "I've been loving the soundtrack and TV backing music scene these past couple of years. A perfect blend of a tight brief, but with the kind of total writing freedom that you can't have when producing or mixing records for artists and with the inevitable time pressures and deadlines, it certainly helps keep me match fit".

Currently Steve is splitting his time between his London studio and his new studio setup in rural Wales. At the moment most of his efforts are concentrated on writing with and developing new artists, but he also makes time to do fixing and mixing work for various labels and bands and also the occasional production job.

Quote - "The biz has changed a lot in the last 10 years. I very early on saw the need for my own studio setup and that has served me well. It?s given me the opportunity to offer up and coming talent a chance to spend time in a creative environment with professional companionship. This is the most exciting time of a project for me. Oh and when it finally charts too?.


2013  Svichni Svati  - Take me out of the CrowdAlbum  
Produced and Mixed     

2013  Tankus The Henge  - Tankus the HengeAlbum  
Co-Produce and Mix     

2013  Caiyo  - Circles and Squaresalbum  
produce and mix Caiyo    

2005  Corinne Bailey Rae  - Call Me When you get Thistrack  
co-writer/producer EMI    

2005  The Color  - MirrorballSingle  
Mix Lizard King    

2001  Ocean Colour Scene  - Crazy Lowdown Ways, Come HomeTracks  
Production and Mix (with Marshall Bird) Universal/Island    

2001  Ronnie Wood  - Not For BeginnersAlbum  
Record and Mix SPK    

2001  Stereophonics  - JEEPAlbum  
Produce and Mix (with Marshall Bird) V2  UK No 1  

2000  K's Choice  - Almost HappyAlbum  
Produce and Mix (with Marshall Bird) Sony  Belgium Top 5  

1999  Pretty Violet Stain  - Parachutes and GravityAlbum  
produce and Mix (with Marshall Bird) Warner Australia    

1999  Tom Jones/Stereophonics  - Mama Told me not to ComeSingle  
Produce and Mix (with Marshall Bird) Gut  UK top 5  

1999  The Crocketts  - The Great Brain Robberysix album tracks  
produce and Mix (with Marshall Bird) Blue Bog/V2    

1999  Stereophonics  - Performance and CocktailsAlbum  
Produced V2  UK No 1  

1998  Liz Horsmann  - Intoxicated, This is Blue, Just thinkingLp tracks  
Produce and Mix (with Marshall Bird) EMI    

1997  Stereophonics  - Word gets AroundAlbum  
Produce and Mix V2    

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